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6 min readMay 22, 2023

Hey Coinecta family! We’re excited introducing Coinecta to the Cardano community — a next-generation Cardano-based token launch platform, striving to be the launchpad of choice for innovative blockchain projects.

This Litepaper will introduce Coinecta and provide a simple overview of our project and targets, as well as the vision behind Coinecta and what to anticipate in the coming weeks.


The success of a blockchain is heavily dependent on its ecosystem and community. To ensure continued value and growth, it is important to incentivize the development of projects that contribute new functionalities and use-cases while also protecting investors from market manipulation, and ensuring developers fulfill their commitments.

One popular and traditional method is through a token-launch platform. However, with the presence of LaunchPads on other blockchains that already boast larger communities than Cardano, it becomes essential to understand how to encourage the adaption to Cardano and what differentiates our platform from others.

At Coinecta, our mission is to revolutionize token launches on the Cardano blockchain by providing a transparent and fair investing platform which lets the community take on the role of venture capitalist. In this way, we can provide the funding developers need to innovate and build, while preventing a few wealthy investors from controlling the marketplace.

We are committed to fostering a thriving Cardano ecosystem and empowering projects to raise community funding, but in the past developers have often failed to deliver their products. We intend to implement smart contracts that provide additional layers of safety to investors by locking vested tokens and preventing rugpulls. Accountability to investors is a key aspect that we feel is missing from the existing infrastructure, and it is crucial to safeguard the Cardano ecosystem from this type of behavior in order to foster sustained progress.


At Coinecta, our objective focus on the following values:

1. Transparency: Prioritizing transparency through smart contracts, ensuring secure fund collection, token distribution, and adherence to vesting schedules.

2. Innovation: Driving innovation in the Cardano ecosystem by constantly improving our platform, developing cutting-edge tools, and supporting real-world projects.

3. Trust: Building trust between projects and investors by establishing strong bonds through our vesting key mechanism.

4. Compliance: Ensuring a secure and compliant environment by adhering to AML and KYC regulations and being a registered Money Services Business.

5. Community Engagement: Encouraging community support, diverse perspectives, and continuous improvement to better serve projects and investors.

6. User Experience: Providing a user-friendly interface and comprehensive dashboard for a seamless and intuitive experience.

7. Collaborations: Partnering with projects, foundations, and stake pool operators to create synergies and advance the Cardano ecosystem.

8. Education and Support: Empowering projects and community members with knowledge, tools, and dedicated support.

9. Open-Source Code: We feel open-source code is essential for a thriving and decentralized ecosystem for a couple reasons. Firstly, it allows anyone to evaluate the efficacy of the code, and since we’re handling people’s money, that is important. Secondly, it is inefficient for everyone to solve the same problem more than once, so it makes sense to share the code so others can innovate on top of it.

These objectives guide us in revolutionizing token launches on Cardano and fostering a thriving ecosystem.

Technical Development

The technical development of Coinecta will be pieced out in several steps, aligned with our roadmap. We will focus on building the necessary infrastructure to host IDOs, while continuously optimizing and improving the performance.

In May, we will release our website and whitepaper, and introduce the general structure of our platform. This will provide a foundation for future development and functionality.

Staking: We will develop customized staking contracts that enable Coinecta holders to participate in staking. These contracts will offer configurable options such as penalty fees, lockup periods, and adjustable distribution frequencies, providing flexibility and customization so that they can be offered as a service to other projects.

Contribution: All IDOs will be transparent and trackable on-chain. Every contribution made, including the amount of tokens claimed and tokens remaining, will be recorded on the blockchain, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Vesting Keys: Project tokens released via pre-sales will be locked using vesting keys represented as NFTs. These vesting keys will securely hold and lock the allocated tokens for individuals or entities. The vesting periods, lock-up times, and other details will be trackable on-chain, providing transparency and accountability for token vesting. The smart contracts used to redeem tokens as they unlock will be open source and non-custodial, meaning even if our platform were to go down, users could still access their vested tokens.

Dashboard: We will develop a user-friendly dashboard on our platform, allowing users to easily manage their portfolios and track their vesting and staking keys. The dashboard will provide information about specific vesting keys, including the remaining amount, next unlock date, and other relevant details. Users will also be able to redeem vested tokens and manage their staked tokens through the dashboard.

Continuous optimization: We are committed to continuously improving the user experience and platform performance. We will conduct regular optimizations to enhance the overall functionality and efficiency of Coinecta. This includes optimizing our contracts and integrating new features to better serve our users.

Our technical development roadmap reflects our commitment to delivering a robust and user-friendly platform for IDOs, while continuously innovating to meet the needs of our users.

Fundraising methods

We will provide our applicants with a variety of fundraising options, including the following:

Direct token sale: A classic IDO with direct token sales, providing a traditional fundraising method. Ours utilizes staking tiers to allocate available tokens to investors.

FISO as a Service: We assist in creating a Fair Initial Stake Pool Offering. SPOs can participate through a random draw, with a dashboard to track stake and an overview of the entire FISO.

Initial NFT Offering (INO): We help teams create customized utility NFTs as part of their launch, offering additional bonuses to NFT holders.

Liquidity Bootstrapping Event (LBE): We support the design and hosting of an LBE, an efficient and fair mechanism to determine initial token price and distribution in the market, useful when other pricing models are absent.


Our goal, in essence, is crystal clear: bring real value and technical innovation to the Cardano ecosystem, setting new standards for decentralized and empowering projects to succeed at providing alternatives to traditional finance. Our roadmap focuses directly on this tenet.

Further information and exact details on our Roadmap with exact goals and features that we seek to build and deliver will be shared with the official Whitepaper with given timeframes and details.

Token Utility

The utility of the Coinecta token (CNCT) primarily involves gaining access to the upcoming IDOs on Coinecta. We implement a staking tier system that determines your level, or tier, based on the number of tokens you have staked. Each tier corresponds to a specific allocation percentage of an allocation pool dedicated to an IDO. This provides you with the opportunity to contribute to new projects launching on Coinecta during different rounds at exclusive rates not available to everyone.

Furthermore, aside from accessing IDOs on Coinecta, staking your tokens allows you to earn additional tokens distributed by the staking contract, much like staking ADA.


We will release details about the tokenomics in an upcoming article.

Final Remarks

Coinecta plans to maintain a strong emphasis on decentralization, open-source development, transparency, and fairness. We aim to build and expand the thriving Cardano ecosystem where projects can raise funding through the community, rather than through venture capital. Our platform’s user-friendly interface and simple-to-use dashboard provide a seamless experience for participants. We will use smart-contracts to ensure teams must act with accountability and deliver on their promises in order to unlock their token value.

Through partnerships and collaborations, we’ll be actively contributing to the advancement of the Cardano ecosystem. With a commitment to continuous optimization and innovation, we’re inviting you to join us in shaping the future of Cardano and token launches within the ecosystem.

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Coinecta Finance

Coinecta is a next-generation Cardano-based token launch platform, striving to be the launchpad of choice for innovative blockchain projects.