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3 min readNov 13, 2023


Hi, Coinecta family! In this article, we’ll review the improved tokenomics and highlight the reasoning behind these few changes. As always, thank you to everyone who provided us with feedback.

About Coinecta

Coinecta is a launchpad built for the Cardano blockchain. Our philosophy is anchored in supporting innovative and revolutionary projects looking to launch their tokens in a manner that’s fair and transparent, without the help of VCs. We’re driven by our commitment to fostering a robust and thriving Cardano ecosystem.

Coinecta will work with other launchpads for cross-chain launches, but it is built on Cardano and will always be focused on and committed to the Cardano ecosystem first and foremost.

If you’d like to learn more about Coinecta, please read the whitepaper, which explains how our launchpad works in detail.


For those interested in a quick recap of important details:

The maximum token supply remains unchanged at 80 million CNCT.

Public presale allocations have been increased.

Liquidity allocation has been increased.

A bonus liquidity allocation has been added.

Marketing allocation has increased.

Team and advisor allocations have been reduced. (Vesting/Cliff. All tokens in these categories have a 6-month cliff, meaning no tokens will vest during the first 6-months. After that cliff, the advisor tokens will vest linearly over an additional 18-month period. Team tokens, following the 6-month cliff, will vest linearly over a 24-month period. Collectively, advisor and team allocations will not fully vest for 2 years and 2.5 years, respectively.)

Staking emissions have been reduced.

For more information about the reasoning and benefits of these changes, please review this article in its entirety.

Tokenomics Summary

The maximum supply of Coinecta tokens will remain unchanged at eighty million (80,000,000 if you’re American and 80.000.000 to Europeans).

The revised allocations are as follows:

  • Public presale (round one): 20,000,000–25.00%
  • Ergopad Staker Sale (round two): 5,000,000–6.25%
  • Dex Liquidity: 2,500,000–3.125%
  • Bonus Liquidity: 1,250,000–1.5625%
  • FISO (ISPO) Distribution: 1,600,000–2.00%
  • Treasury: 5,000,000–6.25%
  • Marketing: 7,650,000–9.5625%
  • Team & Advisors: 11,000,000–13.75%
  • Staking Emissions: 26,000,000–32.5%

Public presales: The benefits of increasing our public presale allocations are wide-ranging. From a potentially wider distribution of tokens to platform participants to releasing a higher percentage of the maximum supply into circulation at the start of trading, the result is lesser dilution over time for token launch participants as well as a more attractive fully diluted market cap valuation at the start of trading.

Liquidity: The benefit of deeper liquidity should not be understated. Deeper liquidity is a benefit to buyers and sellers alike, as the price impact of larger trades is more easily absorbed and accommodated.

Bonus Liquidity: 10% of the funds raised are allocated to DEX liquidity. However, if both rounds of the launch event are oversubscribed, then an additional 5% (15% total) of the funds raised will be added to the DEX liquidity allocation. If this bonus criteria is not met, this bonus liquidity allocation will be redirected to the marketing allocation.

FISO (ISPO): This allocation remains unchanged as our support for single pool operators remains unflinching.

Treasury: 0.25% reduction to support the addition of the bonus liquidity allocation.

Marketing: The substantial increase to the marketing allocation came partially in response to community feedback, which we’re always grateful for. This increased allocation will facilitate future CEX and/or Rosen Bridge liquidity as well as our planned marketing campaigns.

Team/Advisor: A 1.25% reduction was made to this allocation to support the addition of the bonus liquidity allocation.

Staking emissions: The significant reduction to this allocation serves to benefit the community through the larger public presale and a meaningful increase to the marketing allocation. Additionally, the reduction means a reduced emission of new circulating tokens over the 5-year emission schedule.

For more information regarding the token launch, please review this article: to be released Tuesday, November 14th.


Thank you for taking the time to review these changes. We value your feedback and encourage anyone to share their perspective with us. The best way to do so is to please join us on Discord and Telegram.

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