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3 min readApr 13, 2024


Firstly, here is a short summary about how to stake Coinecta tokens. If you need more details and instructions, please follow the full staking guide below.

Please read our FAQ if you have any questions and need more information about how staking CNCT works.

Staking Summary

  1. Navigate to
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Click on “Add stake”
  4. Enter the amount of tokens you’d like to stake
  5. Chose a lock-up period for the tokens you’d like to stake
  6. Click the “Stake now” button and double-check your staking information
  7. Click the “Confirm stake” button
  8. Sign the transaction

Congratulations, you’ve now successfully staked your CNCT tokens.

Full Staking Guide

To stake Coinecta tokens, navigate to

Connect your wallet first.

Note: Cold wallets do not support message signing, so they can’t be used to login. However, staking from cold wallets is supported. First use a hot wallet to sign in, then add your cold wallet using the “connected wallets” option in the user menu.

You can also add multiple wallets including cold wallets to your account to display their info on your dashboard. Make sure to sign in with your hot wallet first.

Once your wallet is connected, navigate to the “Add stake” tab.

Now, enter the number of tokens you’d like to stake (make sure you have enough) and select a lock-up period. Note that longer lock-up periods provide higher stake rewards.

Note: Once you stake your CNCT tokens, you won’t be able to unstake those before the lock-up period you’ve chosen is over. There are no exceptions to this, as it is locked via smart contract.

After entering your staking configurations, click the ‘’Stake now’’ button.

Double check your staking configurations carefully, such as the token amount and the lock-up period.

If all data is correct, you can now click the “Confirm stake” button.

Now, sign the transaction with the wallet controlling the tokens you wish to stake.

Congratulations! That’s all there is to it! Once the transaction has confirmations, you will see a staking NFT in your wallet.

Your staked tokens will be locked in this staking key over the staking period you have chosen. Once the staking period is over, you‘ll be able to redeem your tokens through our redeem page with this staking NFT.

To learn how to redeem those tokens after the lock-up period, please review the next article: how to redeem staked tokens.



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