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3 min readApr 4, 2024

Hello, Coinecta community! We’re proud to introduce the first Token Sale on our platform, featuring Nuvola Digital. This event is a unique opportunity to participate in a project with a clear, impactful vision and a sustainable model in the Decentralized Physical Infrastructure (DePIN) ecosystem.

Nuvola Digital is helping to pioneer the field of decentralized storage and computing through its aggregation model allowing them to seamlessly support multiple DePIN protocols across a variety of blockchains. By running a global scale operation of nodes & servers, Nuvola ensures the stability and security of the decentralized networks, enhancing their resilience and efficiency.

Nuvola will begin its journey on Cardano, by providing resources in partnership with IAGON. It will soon aim to expand its reach into other blockchains to the likes of Ethereum, Solana & others while providing the benefits & rewards back to $NVL holders.

Decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePINs) are blockchain protocols that build, maintain, and operate physical hardware infrastructure in an open and decentralized manner. DePIN projects allow individuals to spin up nodes and servers to help run their networks, rewarding them via their revenue share models.

Nuvola Digital, being a DePIN aggregator, finds the best DePIN reward models across different chains, contributes to their networks via node and server operation, then shares the revenue rewards with its $NVL holders.

Key Points of the Token Sale:

  • Purpose of $NVL Token: The $NVL token enables participation in Nuvola Digital’s ecosystem, providing access to a share of the rewards generated from node operations.
  • What Nuvola Digital Does: Nuvola operates nodes for decentralized systems, supporting various networks’ integrity and contributing to their growth while earning rewards for their contribution to the network.
  • Benefit to Token Holders: $NVL token holders benefit directly from the rewards of node operations. A transparent and equitable reward distribution model ensures that 50% of the rewards go to staked token holders & 25% goes to the treasury for further expansion & re-investment, aligning the community’s success with the platform.

Nuvola’s debut running Iagon nodes is important because Iagon is a decentralized file storage system that is designed to meet region-specific data handling requirements such as GDPR or LGPD. That means it can be used by enterprise clients in the EU and other highly regulated markets.

Joining Nuvola Digital presents you with the chance to engage with the Iagon network without the necessity of managing your own hardware.

Additionally, it opens doors to potential involvement in forthcoming networks as Nuvola continues to thrive and extend its reach. In the long term, Nuvola aims to establish ownership of its own data centers globally in parallel to the development of a mobile storage solution for its users, making the opportunities for engagement and growth extremely fertile.

Token Sale Details:

  • Launch Date: April 18, 3:00pm UTC
  • Duration: 24 hours
  • CNCT Stakers Reserved Allocation: 50%

Read more about the reserved allocation for CNCT Stakers in the Coinecta Documentation.

The $NVL sale isn’t just about acquiring tokens; it’s an invitation to be part of a future where decentralized networks operate more efficiently and inclusively, giving end-users peace of mind that their data is stored in an encrypted and secure manner, and the data ownership and access is extremely private.

Through your participation, you’re supporting not just Nuvola Digital’s mission to maintain and enhance decentralized storage and computing but also securing a stake in the rewards generated from these operations.

We look forward to having you join us in this foundational moment for Coinecta and Nuvola Digital. Together, we can contribute to a more decentralized, secure, and efficient digital future.

Learn more about Nuvola Digital at You can also join their Discord.

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Disclaimer: Coinecta does not endorse, verify, or validate any Project Team or the terms, features, obligations, or other aspects of their Project Tokens. This document is not investment advice, and Coinecta does not issue cryptocurrency tokens or assets for third parties. By participating in the Nuvola Digital token sale on Coinecta, you will be purchasing tokens directly from Nuvola Digital using the Cardano blockchain.



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